Practice tips from Pam –  March WholeHeart News

– The sun is getting brighter and stronger, and it’s the perfect time of year to re-charge or get started on a regular yoga practice to shake out the winter hibernation energy.  Sometimes “fooling” yourself into practice is just what you need to inspire it. Try these!

*  When you start to practice, give yourself an “out”. Commit to 2 postures or set a timer for 5 minutes.
*  Integrate yoga into daily tasks. Grab the counter and stretch at the sink, try a slow Mountain pose when you first get out of bed!
*  Turn on music that inspires you to practice.
*  Take extra classes with us! Check the schedule and just come.
*  Leave reminders around the house.  Inspiring quotes, handouts from class, simple words you write to remind yourself how you want to live!