Changing Seasons… 
After this loong winter, I am so ready for spring, and bet that you are too.  AND – seasonal transitions can be tricky.  As that fresh spring energy comes in through more light and warmth, pay attention to staying grounded.  Take care of yourself well with good fresh foods and less sugar, and especially for gardeners (or any new physical activity) – take it in short stretches and build up slowly!

Start each new day with a Salute to the Sun.
Here’s a variation for you:

* From Mountain, breathe in and draw arms up.
* Lean into a Half-moon to each side.
* Hinge forward at the hips, bending knees, into a Forward bend, hands reaching down to the floor or onto thighs.
* Step right foot back, let knee come to floor, then reach the arms out into kneeling warrior.  Breathe!
* Step the right foot forward, returning to forward bend. Bend knees deeply, arms out, as you return to Mountain. Bring hands together, bowing to the energy of the sun and your own fire energy getting warmer.
Don’t forget the other side 🙂

Come to class for practice and more variations! This one is from Pam.