Tips for seasonal transitions
Yoga & Ayurveda have many tips to offer us to ease the transition into fall and winter. We need more grounding and warming as we change seasons. Eating seasonally and locally is part of the wisdom that Ayurveda shares. Shopping at farmer’s markets is one way to tune into what to eat – glorious local vegetables and fruits like apples, squash & pumpkins, brussel sprouts on their stems are all available at the market. Paying attention to more warming, oily, and heavier foods helps keep us warm and grounded as the air gets colder and drier. Getting to sleep a little earlier is easier now that the light fades so soon.

Simple Yoga practice for grounding
Another way to practice grounding is to wake up with a yoga & breathing practice as a daily ritual. Coming to yoga classes or workshops is great for the direct contact with your teacher and community – and – practice at home is important, and always available. Here’s a simple home practice to help ground you – any time of day.

Mountain – stand tall and rooted.
Half-Moon – stay tall and gently arc to each side
Warrior I – practice a forward lunge on each side, knee directly over ankle
Swinging twist – relax and loosen with several gentle swinging twists
Yoga Mudra – hook fingers behind back, bend knees, hinge forward at hips, and breathe into gently stretching your backside. You decide how far to fold forward.

It’s a simple practice that you doesn’t require more than standing room. Go for it!
Enjoy –
Pam Jackson