Eliza Pierce

Who I am:
I am a lover of nature, music, animals, yoga, Ayurveda, sound, and learning new things.

What I teach & why:
I approach my yoga classes & workshops with therapeutic avenues for relaxation and reflection. Yoga has taught me how to live by following Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, and I want to share what I’ve learned with students.

My current classes & workshops:

  • Sub for Gentle/Moderate yoga classes
  • Sound Healing and Theraputic Yoga
  • Ayurvedic Approach to Sleep

What brought me to yoga:
When I was a young teenager, a little barn in our village opened up a yoga studio and I attended with my mom. I felt that I belonged there, as the movements felt familiar.

Favorite pose & why:
Reclined Butterfly (Supta Badda Konasana). This posture was one that gave me deep release after experiencing trauma. I sensed my muscles letting go, my body trusting to be held by the supports of props, and finding the sweet place between awareness and restful sleep.

Off the mat:
You can find me gardening, hiking, swimming, and driving around my beautiful teenager. 😉

Certifications, Trainings & Degrees:

  • 500 hr Certified Yoga Teacher training at Yoga Spirit, with Kim Valeri
  • 800 hr Yoga Therapist training at Yoga Spirit, with Kim Valeri
  • 1500 hr Ayurvedic Practitioner training with Dr. Suhas, David Frawley, and Dr. Jayaridon
  • BS in Psychology
  • Minor in Art