Private Yoga

Private Yoga offers you one-on-one time for learning yoga or deepening your knowledge, developing practices that are just right for you.

Most sessions are online now, working with Zoom.

To learn more use the form below to set up a free Initial Consultation by phone. Pam can also refer you on to other WH teachers.

Strong & Steady: Personal Yoga for Graceful Aging

Increase Strength & Balance

Improve Posture & Flexibility

Nourish & Connect Inner and Outer Strength

Develop a Meaningful Routine You'll Enjoy

Working directly with you, we create a plan that includes strength, balance, flexibility, and steadiness. It’s tailored uniquely for you, so you’ll enjoy it as well as follow through. All sessions include consultation and yoga plus email follow-up if needed.

Studies show that regular yoga practice helps muscles and bones stay strong. You get the benefits of weight-bearing exercise without the wear & tear on the joints. You also receive a myriad of other benefits: calmer mind, less stress, deeper breathing, more ease.

• What you won’t get: pushed, rushed, judged, any sense of competition.
• What you will get: listened to, steadily encouraged, a sense of ease, gentle humor.

Enjoy this Calming & Grounding Practice

by Pam Jackson

Pam Jackson enthuses and inspires people to move and breathe with yoga that’s the perfect fit for where you are right now. She’s been teaching for over 25 years, and uses yoga daily to stay strong and steady.

Private Intro Session

$100 – click to purchase online

Your sessions are mostly via Zoom, and at times can be arranged in-person.

3 Session Private Package

$279 – click to purchase online

6 Session Private Package

$529 click to purchase online


“I don’t have enough good to say about my private yoga sessions with Pam.  I am 62 and post-treatment for breast cancer and came to Pam needing to update and re-anchor my relationship with a changed, aging body.  Even though I’ve had a fair amount of experience with yoga, I began with some self-consciousness.  Pam — uniquely in my experience — was always able to tune in to exactly where I was, both physically and emotionally.  As our rapport developed, I became better able to communicate my needs to her and she would immediately respond with practical postures and approaches, then encourage me to make them my own.  I emerged much more confident in my own practice and much clearer about what I can do whenever it feels stuck or stale.  Most important, I now feel renewed, excited, and able to look forward.

If you are reading this and considering studying with Pam — privately or in a class setting — I will cut to the chase:  just do it.  There is nothing to lose and everything to gain from one of the most informed, attuned, and gifted teachers I’ve worked with.”  – Eloise W.


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